What Is The Difference Between Cardboard and Corrugated Boxes?

Commonly people use the term “cardboard” while referring to all types of material for paper packaging. However, for professional packaging industries, effective material used, usually, are corrugated cartons.

Then is there any difference between these two? Apparently, though these two materials look almost similar, corrugated cartons are usually more durable as compared to cardboard boxes, and alleviates the worry that all your products may be damaged during shipping.

What is this difference in terminology?

While selecting the right packaging material for shipping your products in, it is important to learn what packaging type you are actually getting.

Cardboard typically will refer to heavy paper-pulp or thick paper stock. You may see such kind of material meant for greeting cards or cereal boxes.

Though corrugated cartons are also made with cardboard, it’s important to understand that both these materials are different.

This corrugated box is created during Belley’s boxes manufacturing by 3 layers of paper which include inside liner, outside liner and also fluting with ruffled shape, that runs in between.

This kind of material will enhance the packaging process due to these reasons:

  • Durable
  • Product protection
  • Lightweight with a high strength-to-weight ratio
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cost-effective

Though the difference may look initially insignificant, it must be easy to find that cardboard will be better left for cards or cereal boxes and corrugated will be chosen as packaging material for shipping boxes.

Corrugated sheets can be ideal for shipping when formed as boxes, as they are quite strong and durable, as well as easily recyclable.

Enhancing your packaging process

Those companies who send out many packages daily, it is important to have the right shipping material to ensure products that are fully secure and also make it to its destination in perfect condition.

For enhancing security and improve the brand, corrugated cartons can also be sealed with certain water activated tape.

These tapes are made out of a craft paper tape, that creates permanent bonding with corrugated carton and it cannot be easily torn off without creating signs of tampering.

Once packaging tape adhesive will be activated with water, adhesive penetrates carton material and tape forms a permanent bond with carton. The water-activated tape has several advantages that other solutions for carton sealing cannot provide.

Such tape will be sufficiently strong for heavy cartons and versatile enough for sealing different sized cartons. Also, it can withstand various environments and has the ability to print the logo directly on paper packaging tape out of shipping tape dispenser.