Step By Step Guide To Develop A Quality System

Being a restaurant owner, you need to leave your personal kitchen habits. Cooking in any commercial kitchen requires you to adopt specific kitchen habits and obey safety rules diligently. Careful supervision of food from delivery end to serving end prevents food from getting contaminated.

Following safe cooking practices meticulously assure that the food that comes off the kitchen to the customer’s table is healthy to eat. In this article, we will tell you about the safe cooking habits that make your commercial kitchen contamination free.

What is HACCP?

Whether commercial or personal aspect, cleanliness, and hygiene are two very important considerations in cooking. The Hazard Analysis Critical Point Program is a certification designed mainly for commercial distribution of foods and restaurants. This certification is delivered through training seminars.

Due to the relevance and significance of this certification, most of the restaurants need their kitchen staff to get themselves enrolled in this food safety program. Brenton Tradition is one of the most reputed companies in the agri-foods industry. They provide services in various fields within this domain. If you are looking for a job, then you must visit their website. If you find yourself fit for any of the mentioned job position, you can apply in emploi à Riviere Du Loup.

Implementation of a HACCP program along with regularly cleaning the kitchen, and educating employees on effective handwashing practices, significantly lowers the possibilities of unsafe food situations in the restaurant.

Regular cleaning of a restaurant kitchen

Regular cleaning of restaurant kitchen involves wiping food preparation surface with the use of disinfectant and regular changing of the sanitation water. Other jobs include rotating the stock and taking out the garbage, cleaning the freezers, cleaning the kitchen grill, etc. All these jobs prevent bacteria buildup and food safety issues.

Hand Washing

Hand washing is the first step towards public health. It helps in the prevention of the spread of diseases such as common cold, Hepatitis C and H1N1. Employees should use the correct method to clean their hands with lukewarm water. It prevents contamination through food handling. It is important for a restaurant owner to teach proper handwashing method to employees.


By following the above safety rules in cooking, your kitchen can be free from contamination. This way it also prevents any chances of food poisoning too. By serving healthy food to your customers, it serves a good word about your business among people.