SEO v/s Adwords: Which is Better for Marketing?


SEO or Search Engine Optimization makes your website rank better in the SERPs or Search Engine Result Pages on major search engines. To accomplish that, ensure that your website is designed in a search engine friendly way. This is because such websites are easily readable by search engines as well as easy to use for the users. SEO can be applied for all search engines available. The traffic on SEO costs you nothing but you may have to practice patience in order to gain more traffic on your website. Calculating ROI with SEO can be tough because there are lot of factors involved. Seeking seo proposal Singapore? Get in touch today!


Google Adwords is referred to as an advertising platform that belongs to Google. Advertisers make the most of this very platform to place their ads in Google Search Result Pages, Google products and plethora of websites taking associated with Adwords program as publishers. For advertisers, you are presented with many options to pay when someone clicks on your ad which is called cost per click or CPC or when people view your ad which is called CPM or Cost per Thousand Impressions. The entire Adwords system works like a huge auction where many advertisers place bids and compete on the available advertising places. Adwords is meant for Google sites that utilize Google Adsense, the traffic comes in paid and the ads appear on top and bottom of Google search results. Adwords provide immediate results and makes easier for you to calculate ROI.